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Light Tanks Revision: Germany | General News | News | World of A breakdown of changes to the German LT branch with extra details on the newcomers at Tier VIII and X. Twice as Nice: T-34-88 and Centennial T95 | World of Tanks 100 Years of Tanks has another Hero war machine in tow: the Centennial T95 -- but it's not alone! With it comes the T-34-88 , featured in the Centennial Mega Pack and a selection of standalone bundles. Cyber Monday Premium Shop Bundles [Concluded] | Premium Shop World of Tanks may possess historical accuracy, but it has its legends -- the KV-220 is one of them. This prototype tank never saw combat in real life, much less in the game. Tanks Through Time: The Conclave Must Pay | Events | World of

Jul 08, 2014 · Selling Extra Garage Slots - posted in General Discussion: So I recently sold a few tanks that I was not playing as much. There is a few more that Ill sell after I work on them some more. I am left with a significant number of empty slots. My question is why we dont get the option to sell them in game?

The World of Tanks needs more tanks. It just isn’t tank-y enough. That’s why we’re inviting new players to get involved with a special giveaway – we’ve got 5,000 codes up for grabs, each of which will grant the winner a T2 Light tank plus an extra slot in their garage when they sign up. Selling Extra Garage Slots - General Discussion - World

Although World of Tanks is a free to play game many will end up purchasing a gold package at some point if the game interests them.The same goes for enlarging the barracks for extra crew members which is not a bad deal but it is often discounted like the garage slots and waiting for these specials...

Buy World of Tanks - Hero's War Chest - Microsoft Store War Chests contain affordable collections of awesome in-game content that can boost your progress, enhance your gameplay, and give you extra fire on the battlefield! Every War Chest contains items that are at least the same value as the …

Marathon: T-34-85M | General News | World of Tanks

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